We are pleased to introduce the newest technology from EGRO! The EGRO BYO (Bring Your Own) screen showcases EGRO’s ability to forge new frontiers in espresso machine design. The BYO technology gives you the opportunity to use your own tablet (Android or iOS) as a fixed screen on the machine, or as an external device to interact remotely with the machine through Bluetooth technology.

In 2009, Egro was the first company to provide a fully-automatic coffee machine with an industrial touchscreen. Nowadays, consumers are used to having HD technology at the tip of their fingers and BYO is the device that guarantees connectivity.

BYO is suited for a self-service area with free-flowing catering concept or in any QSR setting. BYO is indeed a revolution in the fully-automatic coffee machine industry.

Download The Ergo ONE Cataloge

For product demonstrations, questions, or sales, please contact Glenn Allen (231) 392-6609 or [email protected]


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