Roasted Organic Colombian Coffee Beans

Colombia has always been renowned for the production of quality arabica beans, and it remains one of the world’s prominent producers of coffee. Columbia is located in the coffee growing belt of the world. Coffee production is so much a part of the Colombian history that her national identity is closely tied to its production. Even the UNESCO World Heritage Site acknowledged the “Coffee Cultural Landscape of Columbia” in 2011. And to this day, coffee is one of Colombia’s sizeable exports.

Colombia Coffee is organic and is arguably one of the most delicious tasting coffees around.

Some Facts About Colombian Coffee

  • The Colombina coffee plant varieties include Bourbon, Caturra, Maragogype, and Typica. However, there are three prestigious Colombian coffees namely Medellin, Armenia, and These coffees are named after the regions where they are grown. Other worthy mentions are Castillo coffee, Caturra beans, and Tinto Coffe.
  • These coffee beans have medium to high levels of acidity with a mild and well-balanced flavor.
  • Colombian coffee beans are ideal for making espresso-based. This is because these beans do not become overly bitter when they are roasted dark.
  • The most common flavors of Colombian coffee are sugar cane or caramel, floral hints, red berries or apples and a sweetness similar to chocolate, and traces of tropical fruits. And the aroma of Colombian coffee is mostly citrus, fruits, and hints of spice.
  • The Colombian Coffee industry is one of the pillars of Colombia’s economy and is recognized by its government. They created (FNC) the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation in 1927 to serve and cater to the interest of coffee growers.
  • With Colombia being the 3rd largest producer of coffee, its coffee accounts for 12% of the global coffee consumed per annum. In addition to this, the Colombian coffee industry employs half a million farmers and generates almost a million jobs. The entirety of the coffee is grown on 20% of the farmlands in Colombia.
  • Colombian coffee is best brewed using the method of Aeropress or Espresso.

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Brewing Guide

With AeroPress and Espresso being two of the most common methods for brewing Colombian Coffee, the steps for brewing coffee using the Aeropress have been outlined below:

  1. Place the filter paper firmly in the AeroPress.
  2. Pour hot water through the filter, cup, and AeroPress to rinse then discard the rinse water.
  3. Add the right amount of ground coffee into the AeroPress chamber
  4. Pour the corresponding amount of water (depending on the ground to water ratio) and stir the mixture.
  5. Place the plunger in the Press and pause for a while allowing the coffee to settle.
  6. Slowly press the Plunger down the press.
  7. Decant the coffee and serve.

Brewing Tips

    • For every 2 tablespoons of ground, Colombian coffees use 0.7 cups of clean, fresh water.
    • When storing Colombia coffee bean, put the seeds in a bag and roll it tightly to remove the air and seal in an airtight container.
    • Use mineral or filtered water as it is known to give a richer and quality tasting coffee. The water should also be heated to about 205 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Ensure you pay attention to the coffee shelf life to get the best tasting cup of coffee.
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