Classe 9 Package


Complete package to save you money and to help you achieve the best brew imaginable!
In this package you receive:

In this package you receive:
1. Rancilio X-USB 2 Tall
2. Rancilio MD-50 AT Grinder
3. Mavea C-500 Water Purify/Filter
4. Rancilio I-Steam
5. 2 Lbs of our Gourmet Espresso Beans each month for one year or (24 lbs total).
6. 90 Day Parts & Labor Warranty (requires a licensed technician to install products)

For product demonstrations, questions, or sales, please contact Glenn Allen (231) 392-6609 or [email protected]

– Classe 9 is the latest traditional espresso machine from Rancilio. It has a futuristic design packed with character and sleek yet technological lines. Sophisticated materials give this prestigious machine an air of importance with the body and external components made exclusively from stainless steel and aluminum.When Rancilio LAB was designing the Classe 9, it focused on exploring new ergonomic and functional design features and then naturally combined them with an elegant and refined look.
– The MD-Series dosing grinder covers a wide range of machines specifically designed to obtain optimal results using various coffee blends and roasts, the grinding phase being one of the most important steps in preparing a superior quality espresso.
MD dosing grinders are equipped with a powerful electric motor operating at low speed, in order to avoid an excessive heating of the coffee and to fully maintain taste and flavour. Rancilio offers four models of grinders with different capacities to suit the requirements of any coffee machine and of any coffee dose



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